Daily Life

I’ve been busy with some new things lately and haven’t been writing much on my blog, but I’ve really missed it. This past weekend was General Conference, and I always love the guidance and peace I feel from hearing the words of the prophet and apostles of the Lord.

Rhett LOVES his baby brother. He also loves to do impressions of his baby brother… He’s pretty accurate.
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Facing My Demons: Part 2

Two and a half years ago, I wrote about my struggles with anxiety and depression. I thought maybe it was time to post a little update. Overall, things have been going really well! I still have definite ups and downs, but the anxiety and depression are more temporary emotions now rather than the crippling mental illness they were before. It took a long time to get here – over a year of trial and error with medications and counselling, and some very low lows. It wasn’t easy, but I’ve finally found that balance I needed.

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