Halloween 2017

Things have been off since we lost Charlie, but it feels like some sense of normalcy is slowly starting to return. Halloween was a nice way for us all to get out together as a family and have some fun.


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It’s Fall!

I’ve been really excited for fall to come this year. I’m ready for the cooler weather, the changing leaves, and the holiday season. And I am super ridiculously excited for HALLOWEEN! I love the costumes, the anticipation of candy, the fun decorations, and the excitement of my sweet boys.

This year Ryan will be rocking his signature Captain America costume, I’ll be a witch, Kender will be Darth Vader, and Rhett will be Lego Batman. Kender’s costume lights up and is super cool, and Rhett’s is really just pajamas so it’s super cuddly and cute. I can’t wait to get pictures of those boys in their costumes!

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