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Hi! I’m April. I like to share things that make me happy: that might include things like life updates, drawing, gardening, raising meat rabbits, homeschool tidbits, etc. 

I’m a bit inconsistent at this stage in life, so if you’re wondering what happened to “Honeycrisp Homestead,” it’s all here on April’s Happy Place now. 🙂 My little hobby projects are always changing and evolving, so hang on for all the twists and turns ahead!

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Happy Easter! 2021

2021 was another special Easter that happened to fall on the same weekend as General Conference. I love when that happens. I feel like it makes both occasions so much more special and powerful. Last year for Easter, we didn’t really do much. The lockdown…

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Family Trip to Salem 2021

A couple weeks ago we went on a little road trip down to Salem to visit Ryan’s sister (Nicole) and her family. We usually make our trips short because Mason does a lot of road screaming and not a lot of sleeping… But this time…

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A Snowy Valentine’s Day 2021

Well, we actually did end up getting some snow! It wasn’t much at first, but it dumped at least 6 inches on us over night. The boys had so much fun playing in it with their neighbor friend Jackson. It lasted a couple days, and…

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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”

– Abraham Lincoln –