Cleo Madison Aspen Floral Hoodie: Passes the Toddler Taste Test

Cleo Madison, a modest clothing boutique with some super cute clothes, gave me this beautiful floral hoodie as a gift! That was an awesome Christmas surprise, and I’m excited to share it with you 😊

The first thing Rhett did when I put on this hoodie was lick me. Repeatedly. Apparently it’s very tasty. And when I told him to stop it, he chased me with his tongue hanging out and then licked me repeatedly when he caught me… So this hoodie passed the toddler taste test with flying colors. And held up to the drool rather well.

Tried to throw him in the air for a cute picture, but he’s really heavy and I couldn’t hold him up for long so this is as close as we got lol

I really love the feminine floral design. It covers the front panel as well as the inner lining of the hood. And the material is SO soft! Perfect for some snuggles – and we love snuggles in this family ♥ Once I put it on, I wore it for 3 days straight… Who needs a shower when you’re comfy?!


The length of the sleeves is perfect! The floral print also hides kid messes well. Rhett was eating a pancake one day and got mad that the dog stole a piece. I gave him a hug and he slimed the hoodie with his syruppy pancake face… But it wasn’t even noticable. It just looked like part of the design. That’s a plus for mom’s right there!

Pondering the coldness…

This is a pretty lightweight hoodie, so it’s something I would wear year round. I live in a hoodie and leggings in the winter, and I always like something lightweight in the summer too. You’ll definitely need to wear a heavier jacket over it outside in the winter to stay warm, but it’s perfect for those cool summer nights.


My only complaint is that the pockets could be bigger… But to be fair, that’s my complaint about all the jackets and pants in the world. The size of phones is growing, and the size of women’s pockets is shrinking. How is that sane!?

It’s also recommended that you hand wash and lay flat to dry this hoodie, so not super low maintenance but that seems to be more and more common nowadays.

Flower details plus my toddler and messy kitchen – this is real life folks.

 Cleo Madison Aspen Floral Hoodie

All in all, this is a quality product and I’m excited to try more Cleo Madison clothes – especially their adorable dresses!

Big thanks to Cleo Madison for sponsoring this post!