Adapting to Change

Weeks 4 and 5 of our new school year have been both wonderful and challenging. Our science lesson last week was on keeping our bodies safe. We discussed keeping our privates private, what to do if someone tries to touch or see your privates, and stranger danger in general. It was a subject that I didn’t really know how to go about teaching, but I feel strongly that one of the best ways to protect children from this kind of danger is to talk about it. To give them the tools they need to not only protect themselves, but other children as well. I definitely felt the weight of the importance of this lesson as I prayerfully prepared for it. I was out of my comfort zone, but the Lord guided me and it was a great experience for us.

Excellent Science curriculum and companion read aloud!
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Lessons From Weeks 1-3

The farther I get into this pregnancy, the more difficult pretty much everything gets. Right now my big challenges are bending over and getting back up after I sit on the ground. And I still have 2.5 months to go! But I chose to start schooling again now because I know as difficult as it may be with my pregnant body, it will be more difficult with a body that is recovering from childbirth, pumping every 2 hours, and juggling a newborn. We started early so we could take a 6 week break when the baby comes to just enjoy him. I want to take that time to focus on teaching my boys life lessons about family and taking care of a new baby. Bonding time. I know once he gets here I will be so glad we started early and planned for a break!

Look at Sadie’s face… That’s how my face looks when I try to get up off the floor after a lesson lol
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What I’ve Learned After 2 Years of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is going great this year, but it wasn’t easy getting here. We went through a lot of trial and error the last couple of years, and I came out of it feeling like it was a disaster, but my son was reading and that was the goal. We learned A LOT in the process, and I’d like to share it in hopes that it will encourage any discouraged moms who are just starting out. Hold on to your hats, I’m about to get long winded up in here!

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Why We Homeschool

A question people tend to ask is “why did you decide to homeschool?” I always give the short answer, which is that we love the flexibility and it works well with my husband’s schedule. The truth though, is that people usually choose to homeschool for more than just one reason. Sometimes there are A LOT of reasons. I just wanted to get mine written down for future reference. I recently watched a video by Ashlee from Grace and Grit. She split up her reasons for homeschooling into two groups: Why she started, and why she continues. I think that makes a lot of sense! I’m gonna follow the same format here.

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