House Updates: April 2018

Our house is really coming along, and we’ve got pictures to prove it! Also, I’m 15 weeks pregnant and my belly is huge.

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Power Cleaning, Good Moods, & Pinteresting Ideas

Last night I power-cleaned the house while the boys were in bed because everything smelled and it was desperately needed. It was exhausting, but, I listened to an audiobook so that helped make it more fun. I got halfway through More Than The Tattooed Mormon by Al Carraway. So far it gets a thumbs up! […]

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Thanksgiving 2017

This year Ryan had to work on Thanksgiving (bummer). The rest of the family got together  in Oregon, but the boys and I stayed  here so we could spend the holiday with Daddy. I’ve had to work on Thanksgiving  before, and it’s no fun to miss out on all that food and fun! Fortunately, Ryan […]

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