Hydrangeas, Azaleas, and Rhodadendrons – Oh My!

Over the past few weeks, a lot has gone into making our house a home. We’ve planted A LOT of things, and soon we will be planting our vegetable garden!

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The Joy in Motherhood

It’s only Tuesday, but so far this week has been filled with precious little moments. First, We’ve had several beautiful sunny days. That’s rare for us this time of year here in the PNW, and I’m loving it.

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Daily Virus Update + Art Prints for the House

I’m finally on the tail end of this horrid virus, but still feel bleh. Just really tired, but that’s much better than all the painful blisters, so I’ll take it. Mason has been getting little red bumps on his face and head for the past couple of days, and today he has lots. He’s had a low fever too, but it hasn’t gone over 99.7 (thank goodness!). It’s been awful to have HFMD again, but I’m glad that my case was the worst and the kids’ have been fairly mild. I’d much rather be the one who is sick than have to watch my children suffer and not be able to make them better.

All smiles, even when he’s sick 😍
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Homemaking and Honey-Do’s

Every day we knock a few more items off of our to do list, and our house begins to feel more and more like home. Today we got our curtains hung! Tomorrow our stick vacuum and throw pillows arrive. And I LOVE having Ryan home on his days off!!!! Today he knocked out a huge honey-do list for me so I made him a big meat & potatoes dinner as a thank you.

(Featuring OddBods and Kender with his water bottle)
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