Getting Settled in Our New Home

We are officially all moved in to our new house! It feels like a dream. This is literally our custom dream home. It’s the perfect size for us, it’s gorgeous, and we’ve got lots of land to play with. It’s starting to sink in, but I still can’t believe it sometimes. It took a lot of hard work and a lot of patience, but we feel so incredibly blessed to be where we are now. After almost 8 years of marriage, we built our first home! I can’t wait for all the years of memories we get to make in this beautiful house.

The finished product:

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Ryan’s Birthday and Moving Day!

Our house is finally done and we are moving in tomorrow! It still doesn’t feel real… I think once we spend our first night there it might 😃

Monday was Ryan’s birthday, and he decided he wanted to spend the day with me! It’s been such a busy year that we’ve been putting regular dates on the back burner. It was really nice to hang out all day just the 2 of us. First we went to my OB appointment where my doctor declared me full term and commented on how very healthy I am. That was great to hear because I feel like I’m dying half the time… I’m so incredibly uncomfortable!

See how there’s only half a cake here? That’s because he cut it and served it to everyone before we had a chance to sing to him. I’m so lucky he’s mine ❤️
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House Updates July 2018

I’ve got some house updates! I’ve collected some pictures from back when we cleared our land, all the way to where we’re at now. I thought it would be fun to show them all in order!

We were just starting to dig our foundation in this panorama
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House Updates: May 2018 (and other sappy stuff)

Our house is looking more and more like a real house every day. Especially now that the sheet rock is in and the siding is going up. Ryan put in our septic tank today (it’s a gravity system, which he’s very proud of). I’ve been taking the boys there to just hang out and play in the big dirt piles while I walk through our future home and try to picture where things will go. It’s surprisingly hard to do. I can’t wait to actually start moving stuff in so I can see how it will actually fit!

Daddy & Kender working hard together. The boys worked so hard that they actually fell asleep at bedtime tonight! It was a miracle!
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