My 31st Birthday and Beautiful Weather

The 17th was my 31st birthday, and it was a truly awesome day. Ryan let me sleep in, and when I got up I found him working hard to clean the house. He’s so dreamy 😍. At 11am, Ryan’s mom came over to watch the boys for us so we could go on a birthday date. She wrote me the sweetest card, and inside was a gift card to Red Lobster! It was perfect, because that’s where we planned on going for lunch.

I haven’t been to Red Lobster in over 10 years, and it did not disappoint. I had a plate with salmon, lobster, and shrimp with a side of green beans and a Caesar salad and it was AMAZING. I wish I could eat there for every meal.

After that we ran some fun errands, got some ice cream, went for a walk along the spongy rocky beach, grabbed some tomato plants from the local nursery, picked up a cheesecake for myself and cupcakes for the boys, and then headed home.

One of the fun errands was stopping by Michael’s to get a new notebook because Roxy barfed on one of mine… They were on clearance for $5… So I ended up going home with 4 notebooks instead of 1. So basically, my notebook math works like this: 10-1=13.

When we got home, Susan and the boys sang happy birthday to me and we ate our cakes. Then Ryan took the boys to the park so I could have some relaxing gardening time to myself. That seems to be a birthday tradition for me now (since COVID), and I kind of love it. I had an awesome birthday, and it feels great to be 31. I feel so blessed.

School Updates & Precious Mason

So remember when I said I wasn’t sure how handwriting and reading happened naturally? This week I learned. The boys randomly decided they wanted to make their own comics, so they were drawing, writing, and spelling things without me forcing them to! It was amazing, and the little stories they came up with were so cute. This is Rhett working on “Rhett and the Sword of Light:”

Mason is at such a fun age. He stopped taking naps abruptly a couple weeks ago, and that was a huge challenge – but he seems to have adjusted to the new schedule he made for himself. He’s been pretty happy during the day, and falls asleep quickly at night. He even sleeps in until 6 or 6:30!

The other night when I was putting him to bed, he did something really cute. I usually lay next to him for a bit and then I tell him goodnight and I leave. But this time, he was dozing off as we lay next to each other. I started trying to get up, but he noticed and he reached out and grabbed my shirt and pulled me back down. So I stayed with him a little longer until he seemed like he was in a deeper sleep.

So grateful for how much he loves me ❤️

I tried again to get up, and I made it out of his bed, but he woke up again and grabbed my arms and threw his body on top of them and went back to sleep. So I’m sitting there with my arms trapped under a sleeping Mason trying not to laugh and wondering how he’s managed to outsmart me while he’s basically asleep… But I’m also loving every minute of it because I know how much he loves me, and he wants me to stay close to him.

After a few minutes, I lifted him off my arms, and he grabbed my hand and put it under his face and went to sleep again. I sat there and stared at my beautiful little boy a little longer, and then I gently pulled my hand out from under him and quickly put it on his back so he’d know I was still there. I waited for him to fall into a nice deep sleep, and then I snuck out of his room, feeling very loved.

Garden Updates

The weather has been AMAZING this week and I’ve been trying to take advantage of it before the rain comes back. If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know that my garden is basically one of my children, so here are some picture updates:

That’s all for now. Ryan and I just started watching “Falcon and The Winter Soldier” and he’s waiting on me to watch the next episode.


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