The Best Day Ever

Today was a great day, and I have A LOT of pictures to share. The boys all slept in until almost 7, so I got a full 45 minutes to myself before anyone woke up and started begging me for a sandwich. It was amazing!! I felt like a new woman. Then I told the boys that I was throwing out the homeschool plan I just made and was going back to the “unschooling” approach and they were super excited about that. I still make them do handwriting every day just because I’m still not super confident about that happening naturally for my boys. I also have Kender read independently and practice the piano, but everything else is now interest led.

Today’s Activities

After all that stuff, we had cousins over for an afternoon of sprinkler trampoline and video games. Best. Day. Ever.


Tonight Ryan had the idea to surprise the boys with some stargazing. He got them all ready for bed, then let them go out on the trampoline for some last minute jumping. After about 20 minutes (much longer than we’d normally let them jump before bed), we went outside with some blankets and joined them on the trampoline. We had to wait a while for it to get dark enough to see the stars, but it was really special to spend that time with the boys, and they had a blast with it. We talked about constellations, and even saw some sort of UFO. At first we thought it was an airplane or satellite, but it was moving too fast. Then we thought it was a shooting star, but it was a bit slow for that, and it came back across the sky in the other direction. It didn’t make any noise at all, and moved back and forth in a straight line. It looked just like a star, aside from all the movement. Any ideas?

When Ryan put the boys to bed, Rhett told him that it was scary when I was taking all those pictures of the darkness lol. They went right to sleep, and hopefully they’ll sleep in tomorrow! It’s my birthday, so I definitely will 😁

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