Family Trip to Salem 2021

A couple weeks ago we went on a little road trip down to Salem to visit Ryan’s sister (Nicole) and her family. We usually make our trips short because Mason does a lot of road screaming and not a lot of sleeping… But this time he did MUCH better for us on the road. He even slept pretty well at night, all things considered! The big boys on the other hand, were so excited that they woke up at 3:30 the first morning we were there… And they went downstairs and waited for two hours for Mason and I to come down. I was fully expecting meltdowns all day, but the excitement of playing with cousins sustained them!

Play Time

Our visit was short, but we all really enjoyed the warm sunshine and hanging out with family. Nicole is pregnant, and due in about 3 weeks. Her baby belly is so cute!!

Homestead & Homeschool Updates

On the homestead, we are finally starting work on the garden! Our hoop house collapsed this winter, so we are going to leave it down and try using cement block beds and large rows like we did a couple years ago.

Other Fun Stuff

All that’s left are some cute pictures of other random stuff we did:

That’s all the pictures I’ve got for now! Other things I’ve been doing include researching NFTs, practicing lots of lettering, trying out henna brows, and getting some of my art up on RedBubble. I ordered a few things for myself, so when those arrive I’ll share some pictures.

Author: April

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