My Favorite Moments in Motherhood

Between my thyroid issues and this cold I’m getting over, I feel like I’ve been under the weather for months. It’s really only been a few weeks, but I still don’t like it. I don’t like feeling lazy and useless! I’m ready to get back to being productive and getting back into our routine.

Ryan has been super dad for the past few weeks! Mason has unfortunately come down with my cold, so he’s been cranky and dramatic. But he’s walking on his own now, and it helps a lot that he’s a little more independent. Today he decided to skip his second nap, and by dinner time Mommy and Baby were both pretty cranky, and Mason went to bed at 5:30. It was just one of those days!

I found myself longing for the future, when our boys are all older and less needy. But I know that when we actually get to that future, I’ll be longing to come back here when they were all so little. I’ll long to feel needed. I know that some of my favorite things about motherhood will stay in these early years, and I want to remember them forever.

Here are some of my favorite moments in motherhood:


I LOVE snuggling with my little boys! And I know that we’ll snuggle less and less as they get older…

Watching them create things on their own. 

I love seeing their imaginations at work as they build and play.

I love when I catch them reading on their own. 

Even if they’re just picking up the book to look at it (like Mason does), I love seeing that their interest in books is growing.

Hearing them say “I love you.” 

I love when they say it to me, but I love it even more when they say it to each other.

Watching them enjoy playing together. 

I love when they jump on the trampoline, run around in the yard, and build train track cities together. I hope they stay close forever.

Did I mention I’m ready to get back into our old routine? Now I just need to get my body to cooperate!!!

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