New Year’s Eve 2018

To bring in the New Year, we all sprawled out on the floor and cuddled up with pillows, blankets and the giant teddy bear. We popped up some popcorn and watched the movie Storks. Have you seen it? It’s so cute and funny! I was in tears at the end, as I usually am at the end of kids movies.

When the movie was done, we played a few rounds of Memory and Go Fish. We lounged around a bit more and ended the night by counting down to the New Year.

Ryan had to work and we really missed him, but we still had a fun evening together. The boys felt like they got to stay up super late, but they were all in bed by 9.

On top of our pleasant evening, we got to enjoy a beautiful sunny day! And Rhett spent most of the day building. I love his creativity. He made a city and named it “Beacon City.”

Mason really enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air!

2018 was super busy and chaotic, but we were so, so blessed. We got a new baby and a new house. Our boys are all happy and healthy. Our greatest blessing is that we have each other. I know 2019 will have it’s own trials, but I’ve got a feeling that it’s gonna be great!

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