Organize & Reorganize

I’m officially 31 weeks pregnant now, and because I’m carrying this baby so low, I keep thinking I’m gonna go into labor. My tailbone and sciatic nerve hurt a lot, as well as my lower back. My braxton hicks contractions are getting more intense, but they’re still random. I need to make it to at least 35 weeks! At that point I think I’ll feel like it’s safe enough to deliver this baby… But I plan on being prepared just in case lol.

Homeschool has been an awesome distraction from my pregnancy worries. This weekend I decided I should probably figure out how I’m going to handle recordkeeping for our school, and I began researching and trying out different homeschool planners. I’ve heard a few moms talk about how they use and love Homeschool Planet for planning their homeschool year, and I finally gave it a try. It’s AMAZING! It’s by far the best for what I need to do. Not only can I plan out our whole year, but it’s flexible and so easy to make changes when life happens. It also keeps track of attendance, assignments, grades, and makes transcripts! I like printing out our weekly calendar, but I also love that it has a mobile site so I can check off items as we complete them. Anyway, if you can’t tell I’m totally sold lol. So this weekend I spent my evenings plugging our curriculum into Homeschool Planet and getting us (re)organized for the rest of our year. I’m a huge nerd, so I thought it was super fun 😃

Rhett has been struggling lately with me not being able to sit on the floor with him anymore for school. He really enjoyed that fun time we had one on one, and hes been resisting school since I wont sit on the floor. I decided not to push it. He’s still young, and we’ve got plenty of time. Now for our one on one time we just snuggle on my bed and read books together. Now instead of begging to do preschool everyday, he begs to snuggle with me on my bed. It’s the one on one time that matters to him, and I love that!

We’ve been slowly working on potty training with Rhett for the past few months, switching him to pull-ups and rewarding him whenever he decided to use his potty. I made him a sticker chart, and told him that once he filled it up with stickers, we would get he and his brother a bunk bed (which we were planning on getting them anyway once we moved, but we figured it would provide the motivation he needed lol). I made that chart huge, with almost 60 sticker slots, but yesterday he filled it all up and we ordered his bunk bed! And guess what? Today he wasn’t interested in using the potty because he already earned the bunk bed… So I snuck some underwear on him while I was changing his pull up. He didn’t like that, so Ryan explained to him that you can’t wear diapers in a bunk bed. They’ll just fly right off, so you have to wear undies. I laughed, and Rhett thoughtfully nodded and agreed to wear the undies. He stayed dry ALL DAY LONG! He’s getting so big ❤️

Kender is just awesome… He is the best little helper, and my forever little buddy. He’s always looking out for me. He likes a rigid schedule, and he used to get upset if we didn’t start school by 9 and finish by 12, but now that I’m pregnant he knows that I need more rest. He doesn’t get upset when I sleep in and we start school late, and he doesn’t get mad when we finish late. We take our time and enjoy learning together. This is our daily school schedule right now:

  • Read a chapter from the New Testament Stories book & say a prayer
  • Do a science lesson together as a family (today we talked about kitchen safety and made hard boiled eggs)
  • Spend some one on one time with Rhett while Kender works on handwriting
  • Kender reads 2 minibooks or reader stories to me
  • Practice Phonics cards, Sight Word chart, and Spelling words
  • Snack or lunch break depending on the time
  • Lesson (or part of a lesson) from TGTB Language Arts level K coursebook
  • Lesson from TGTB Math K

We like to finish up with math because there are a lot of fun games integrated into the curriculum and it tends to leave us in a good mood! This is another reason I love homeschool so much. We can adapt, change, and reorganize as much as we need to, whenever we need to! Kender has made so much progress already this year, and I’m so proud of him! His reading and handwriting have improved so much, and I feel like he’s gained confidence in those areas now. We struggled with spelling dictation at first, but we got it figured out and now he does well with that too! I think it’s a combination of me being better prepared this year, and him being a little older and more mature. And lots of prayer!

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