It’s Another Boy!

Kender and I headed in for my ultrasound yesterday! The technician was very thorough, and got some really good pictures. Amazingly, I recognized her as the same girl who did my ultrasound when I was in the ER having my miscarriage. I’m glad I got to have another (much more positive) experience with her. She’s a really sweet and funny girl, and I think I was unreasonably angry with everyone in the ER that day. They are good people with difficult jobs, and they all do the best they can.

We were all hoping for a girl this time around, but we discovered yet another proud baby boy! He’s already ridiculously cute and just as wiggly as his brothers were. And I’m sure he will weigh 11 lbs, because they just keep getting bigger 😫 Good thing I switched to an OB! I might be needing that epidural after all…

Cute little foot
Very obviously a boy lol

Last week Ryan and I went on a date for the first time since my birthday (we didn’t buy a vehicle this time lol). Things have been busy with the house and everything, so it was nice to have a day to ourselves ❀ We visited the Seattle Temple, where we were married almost 8 years ago!




The wildflowers have been beautiful this year, as always. There is a single red poppy growing in the midst of all the orange poppies and lupins. I thought it made for a pretty picture!


Kender has started up rock climbing again and his class is huge so he’s been a little shy, but he still makes his way up that wall. My brave guy ❀


Family park date


Coloring is our new favorite activity to keep our hands busy and still help us pay attention at church. It’s worked well for the past 2 weeks! Let’s hope we can keep it up.
Memorial Day chillaxation + new haircut! We always buzz it really short because he HATES haircuts, and that way we don’t have to do it often. And he always looks adorable ❀
Brotherly love… Pretty soon there will be 3 boys piled up!
My favorite boys – minus one of course πŸ™‚

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