Baby Kicks

I’m a little over 18 weeks pregnant now! I’ve been feeling the baby kick for a couple weeks, and I feel like I’ve been so wrapped up in life that I haven’t really taken the time to appreciate what a beautiful blessing that is. My baby is alive and well, and I can feel it.

Keeping his little rock pile nice and neat. This was moments before he grabbed a huge rock and started smashing bugs…

I’ve been listening to Stephanie Nielson’s audiobook again. I feel such a close connection to her story… I’m not sure exactly why. I wasn’t in a plane crash that burned 80% of my body, and I haven’t dealt with the physical struggles that she’s had to deal with. But I relate so much to her mental struggles. The anxiety, depression, and faith all fighting for her attention at once. I have felt that, especially lately, and I enjoy hearing her perspective on it and hearing about what things helped her make it through. I love how much she adores her responsibilities as a mother and homemaker, and how much she adores her family. She is a rare breed of beautiful, and her story inspires me and reminds me that the Lord helps us do hard things.

He was mostly willing to take a selfie with me 😀
Isn’t this tunnel amazing!? He’s been working so hard on it for days. I love that he loves working with his Dad on our property ❤
Helping Daddy finish up our septic system
She’s just the sweetest ❤

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