Enjoying Childhood


I love this picture. Kender made his own little “relaxing spot” up on his windowsill. You can’t really tell from the picture, but this window is pretty high up there. It’s taller than me, and I’m 5’8″. So Kender climbs his way up there with his pillows and that’s his little spot. When I was a kid, my favorite spot was in the tree in my front yard. I remember climbing up and laying in the hammock-shaped branches. Back then, that was my happy place. Now, my happy place is my family. Moments like this are the ones that make me truly happy.

Rhett likes to compete with Kender for my attention, so when he caught me taking a picture of Kender, he wanted his picture taken too (specifically of his ball). But I think I enjoy his Lego chain mustache more than the little green ball lol.

We got a new-to-us desk from our friends, so now we have a real homeschool spot! I hate using the kitchen table because there is always stuff on it all the time. I’m sure there will still be stuff on it all the time, but this at least makes me feel more organized.

I’m glad these two are enjoying their childhood 💗

Update on our house: All the walls are framed, and the roof is going on soon!

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