Fun at KiDiMu

We have been down and out for what feels like three years (it was really more like 2 weeks). We’ve all been taking turns getting this cold/flu thing but I think we are finally on the tail end of it. And by that I mean I feel like we can go places now without someone spontaneously running a fever or me falling asleep at the wheel. It’s been a rough go, and I’m SO excited to get back to our normal activities!

Kender built A LOT of forts the past couple weeks.

We ended up taking this past week off from school. We didn’t have the energy to do much more than watch movies all day. We did try though… The conversation went something like this:

Me: Ok Kender, let’s do school.

K: Mom when can we have playdates again?

Me: I don’t know bud… You guys are sick and I don’t know when you will be better.

Kender: Well… Maybe I should rest…

Me: I think that’s a great idea.

K: …and not do school.

*look at each other and laugh*

Touche Kender. Touche.

The rest of the pictures in this post are from when we went to the Kids Discovery Museum before we all got so sick.

Kender loved the bouldering on the rock wall. He is half monkey!

And this was Rhett’s favorite part. It was pretty cool to explore a smart car!

I think the murals were my favorite part! The walls are painted to make it look like a little city, and there are lots of props to go with them.


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