Christmas Eve Eve

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve already! I think we are all excited about the presents under the tree, but the greatest gift of all is that of our Savior. I am SO grateful that because of Him, I am better than I used to be. With my anxiety, I sometimes find myself feeling sad or guilty about the past – of choices I made, things I said, or times I was hurt – but I remind myself that because of the Atonement, I am new. Christ doesn’t see those things anymore, and I don’t have to either. Life isn’t perfect, but because of Him, there is peace in my soul and joy in my life.

Now for my cutie pies and a couple other tidbits:

He loves my hat lol
Teaching his little brother the art of gaming…

I LOVE these videos!

I’ve been struggling lately to get Kender interested in reading books with me. He thinks all of our books are boring, and when I take him to the library to pick out different books, he gets a bit overwhelmed at all the choices. One day I was looking for some audiobooks for myself and discovered the Libby app! You connect it to your local library and borrow ebooks. I’ve just been picking a few books at a time, and a lot of them have narrations so he enjoys listening to other people read them too. It’s been really helpful for us!


Light The World Day 23


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