Christmas Eve Eve + Family Proclamation Free Printable

Family Proclamation Free Printable - April's Happy Place

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve already! I think we are all excited about the presents under the tree, but the greatest gift of all is that of our Savior. I am SO grateful that because of Him, I am better than I used to be. With my anxiety, I sometimes find myself feeling sad or guilty about the past – of choices I made, things I said, or times I was hurt – but I remind myself that because of the Atonement, I am new. Christ doesn’t see those things anymore, and I dont have to either. Life isn’t perfect, but because of Him, there is peace in my soul and joy in my life. Now for my cutie pies and a couple other tidbits:

He loves my hat lol
Teaching his little bro the art of gaming…

I LOVE these videos!

Our future house is at a stage right now where I can’t really do much but sit and wait… And that’s kind of hard for me. So I’ve been thinking ahead of how I want to decorate – what I want to hang on the walls, what plants I want to have, etc.

We have a small family proclamation hanging on the wall now, but I almost never look at it. Mostly because of where it’s at and how small it is. That document is really important to me, so it needs to be more visible to us. It’s a reminder of how sacred and important families are.

So… I made this, and thought I’d share 😊

Poster Size Family Proclamation Free Printable - April's Happy Place

I’ve been struggling lately to get Kender interested in reading books with me. He thinks all of our books are boring, and when I take him to the library to pick out different books, he gets a bit overwhelmed at all the choices. One day I was looking for some audiobooks for myself and discovered the Libby app! You connect it to your local library and borrow ebooks. I’ve just been picking a few books at a time, and a lot of them have narrations so he enjoys listening to other people read them too. It’s been really helpful for us!

Light The World Day 23

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