I love Google.

I’ve used Google Photos for years (which is free with all Google accounts), but it wasn’t until I recently got my Pixel 2 that I started experimenting with all the features, like Animations and Videos (you can also make collages and photo books, but I haven’t tried those yet). Google makes them for you and it only takes like 30 seconds!!! I have a bunch of random video clips on my phone of the kids that I thought I’d probably never watch again, but Google morphs them into these adorable little shorts with music! 😋

I used to use Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop for basic edits to my photos (lighting, contrast, vibrance, etc.) but I use Google Photos for that now too. It’s faster and easier for me, and I’ve been surprised by the results! I’m a fan of things that make my life easier, and I’m glad to spend more time taking pictures of my kids and less time fiddling with contrast. Now they just need to come out with an Adobe Illustrator equivalent…

All I had to do to make this video was select the video clips on my phone. Google did the rest automatically! I think that’s pretty awesome for me not having to manually do any trimming, cropping, or adding music.

Ryan was wrestling with Sadie, and she thought he was getting a little too rough so she jumped on me to protect me. The boys followed suit lol.

I feel like these moments weren’t accurately captured with one photo, but I love the GIFs 😂

My dog matches my couch, so I always have to adjust photos of her so you can actually see her!

Alright, that’s my “I love Google” speech for the night. I was too excited not to share!

And here’s Day 11 of Light The World:

I’ll admit, I’m not great at actually doing these things every day, but posting about it helps me to at least be mindful of them.

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