Learning Vowels

Today we started lesson one in Jenny Phillip’s Kindergarten Curriculum, The Good and The Beautiful. We are working on learning the difference between vowels and consonants, memorizing the vowels, and learning how many letters are in the alphabet. We also practiced spelling and sounding out words. I love this curriculum because there is very little prep time. We both learn as we go, and it’s working for us!

There are so many pros to homeschooling for us. First, it works with Ryan’s weird work schedule. On his days off we can pick up and go on vacation without having to worry about the kids missing school. He also gets to see them more during the week because they aren’t at school when he’s home (he works the graveyard shift). Second, I don’t have to focus on teaching for the test. I can focus on making sure Kender is actually learning and understanding concepts, not just learning how to take tests.

Third, I can teach him in a loving and kind environment. School years were cruel when I was a kid, and they’ve only gotten worse. If I can protect them from that, I will. Call it sheltering if you will, but there are plenty of ways for them to gain life experience and learn about this crazy world without breaking them. Public school isn’t the only way. It’s just the modern social norm. Fourth, he can learn at his own pace, whether that be slower or faster than other kids his age. And finally, I just love the bonding time. Another reason I never thought I could homeschool was because I didn’t think Kender would listen to me, but he does, and we love the quality time it gives us together.


2 thoughts on “Learning Vowels

  1. Thanks for including me in your blog. I'm so happy to watch Kender's progress and yours as well. You are an amazing Mother and Teacher. You are doing the right thing. Your entire family will benefit from this adventure. Looking forward to your next post!!! Love you!


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