Family Love

Winter is a rough time for us. We live in Western Washington, where it is breathtakingly beautiful, but it’s also grey and dark most of the year. Not seeing the blue sky for days (sometimes weeks) on end has a way of getting to you. We long for the warm sunshine of summer during these winter months.

Kender having fun in Island Park, Idaho

Kender is so inquisitive.

​He’s just entered the “why” phase, where he must know how everything works, and why everything happens. It gets challenging, but it’s also fun. He is learning so much about the world every day, and we are lucky to be the ones who get to teach him.

​He is so snuggly and mild tempered. He loves playing with Kender, and he’s just started walking. He’s at such a fun age! He’s moving on from baby to toddler. Its so exciting, but a little sad too. I guess that means we have to stop calling him “Baby Rhett” now.

Ryan is my rock.

​Whenever I go into crazy mode, he’s there to help me work things out. I don’t know what I’d do without him. I’m so fortunate to have him by my side while we raise our children and figure out this life thing together.

One thing I’ve been reminded of lately is that family is everything. I get so caught up in random projects and distractions sometimes that I don’t give my family the time they deserve and I slack on my responsibilities. I’ve always struggled with balance. The things I spend my time on aren’t bad, but when I focus more on those things than my family it becomes bad. I need to learn how to prioritize my time and bring some balance into our lives.

In summary, life is hard but wonderful. There is no greater joy than the love of family. I need to remember that!


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