Keep busy & plan

This week was our first without Ryan (he’s at the police academy for the next 20 weeks).
I’ve noticed that days when I don’t make any plans and we just stay at home all day are the longest, and the worst. Kender and Rhett are highly energetic, and they love being outdoors so there is a lot more whining and fussing when we stay cooped up inside. All that whining and fussing makes my patience store run low pretty quickly, and the day almost always ends with all three of us in tears. When I’m being lazy at home, it’s too easy to think about how tired I am. When we are out and about, even if it’s just to the store or the park, the day goes by so much faster and we are all so much happier.
This week I’ve got everything planned. Today was park day with friends, tomorrow is beach day with cousins, Wednesday is visit daddy day (we are lucky enough to have him only an hour and a half away), Thursday is stay home and attempt to clean day, and Friday is beach day with friends. Then BAM! Ryan is back! I don’t usually try to cram so much into one week, so we will see how this goes.

Week 2 won’t know what hit it.

Another thing I noticed is that when I plan, things actually get done. We’ve had a couple checks sitting around for the past few weeks that needed to be deposited, but I would always forget. I finally made it to the bank today. I left a huge note for myself to remind me, and then we dropped them off on the way to the park. Cleaning is another story. I’ll let you know when I figure out how to get that one done. Between needy kids and lack of energy, it seems our house is doomed to messiness.
I know all of this is probably common sense to most people, but I find that things are forgotten easily if they aren’t practiced, so this is me reminding myself to practice.

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