February to Now

It’s crazy how the pictures and videos pile up when I neglect my blog!

This is going to be a rather long and disorganized post, because I’ve been really disorganized lately!

I’ll start with February. Valentine’s day with Kender was fun, but very unromantic (Ryan and I tried taking him to the mall with us, and he threw tantrums the whole time). We got him a little box of candy with a toy bear on it and when he saw it, he swiftly removed the bear from the candy, threw the candy, and carried the bear around with him for about a week. It was pretty adorable!

Daddy helping Kender open his V-day present
So happy about his new bear
He loves that bear!

Playing outside is fun, but the weather has been teasing us!

We have enjoyed some really nice days, as well as some not-so-nice ones. Kender loves playing outside in any kind of weather, but I’m a big fan of sunshine and warm. And after weeks of teasing me, it looks like summer is finally rolling in!

Playing inside leads to all kinds of shenanigans.

Naturally, I prefer to play indoors when the weather is bad, but Kender gets bored easily and makes his own fun.

Saving money

We’ve also been looking for more ways to save money, and we found a big one: cloth diapers! My neighbor introduced me to them, and we love them! They aren’t as gross as we originally thought they would be, and they are all super cute.

We went with a cheaper brand and we discovered that the outside of the diaper wasn’t waterproof (so they tend to leak), but I found a way to fix them and now they work just as well as the expensive brands. I always thought it would be fun to make a tutorial blog post, so I’ll post one about how I re-waterproofed our diapers soon!


In March, we had the pleasure of going to Utah and celebrating Grandpa’s 90th birthday! It was so much fun to meet/get re-acquainted with that side of Ryan’s family. Love you guys!

Grandpa and his great-grand kids. None of them would be here without him! I’m pretty sure I stole this picture from Melissa 🙂 Kender did great until he realized he was trapped in there with his cousins without Daddy. And we got a picture before he freaked out! Yay!

Date night

Ryan and I went on a date last night! It was the first time we’ve gone out without Kender for longer than a couple of hours since he’s been born. It was a very nice and much needed break. We did a little bit of shopping and then tried on funny hats at Sportsman’s. And got ice cream, of course 🙂

This semester is finally almost done and Ryan graduates THIS MONTH! I’m so proud of him for all that he’s accomplished. I’m one lucky girl! Next semester Ryan will be doing an internship at Season’s Medical while taking two online classes, and I’ll be taking the last couple classes that I need to get my certificate in Web Media and then I think I’ll take another little break from school. An associates and a certificate is good enough, right? 🙂

Phew! There’s two months worth of events squeezed into one blog post for ya. That’s all for now!


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