Hot Glue Reupholstering a Couch, Making Bibs, and Poor Kender

Just under a year ago, I took on the project of re-covering our couch to hide the big rips Roxy put in it with her claws, and the stains from Kender’s spit up. I’m proud to announce that I’ve finally finished the project! Pillows and all! Yeah!!!! Feels good 🙂

This has been a rough week for Kender. Last Saturday, he reached up and grabbed the pan while I was cooking dinner and burned two of his cute little fingers. We made him dip his fingers in cold water and fish for ice cubes, but as you can imagine, he was still upset. The next day at church, he didn’t last long. The burns had blistered and swelled up and looked pretty darn gross. I was talking to a sweet lady in our ward about it and she mentioned that her husband was a surgeon and that I should bring Kender by their place after church. I did, and he was able to tell me that it was a second degree burn, and everything I needed to do to take care of it. I was so grateful it brought me to tears! I had no idea what to do for Kender, and this sweet couple was truly an answer to my prayers. I really felt loved.

Kender loves spinning around, and belly buttons.


One thought on “Hot Glue Reupholstering a Couch, Making Bibs, and Poor Kender

  1. April you are so talented. The recovered couch looks great. I like the bib and the pumpkins are adorable. I can’t wait to see your pumpkin costumes! The video of Kender spinning is funny. Ouch! The burnt hands bring back memories of Ryan burning his hands on the lawn mower. I am so glad the couple at church was able to help you!


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