A Really Great Day

Today was a really amazing day. It was really busy, but all of us just felt really good. I think the reason I felt so great was that I started my day with a prayer. I’m pretty bad about making that a priority, but when I do it, man, I feel the difference!

Kender and I did our grocery shopping for the week after he woke up from his first nap. As soon as I opened the front door, he trotted out to the car. He even said “car!” He amazed me again by holding my hand and walking with me from the car, across the parking lot, to the front doors of Wal-Mart. I usually have to carry him the whole way (I tend to park far away), so this accomplishment put me in an awesome mood! He was a little slow, but hey, he did it! Wow, he’s a big boy now. Maybe next I can get him to help me bring in the groceries πŸ™‚

Once Ryan got home, we took a trip to the park to enjoy one of our last days of 60 degree weather. I’ll let the pictures tell that story: Click on any picture to see it bigger!

Ryan and I have discovered that taking pictures really helps us to live in the moment. Consequently, there will probably be an increase in my production of blog posts. Here’s to living in the now πŸ™‚


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