Christmas At The Cabin

First, let’s watch Kender laugh some more 🙂

Ryan, Kender, and I spent Christmas at a cabin in Island park with Ryan’s family. It was Kender’s first Christmas, and I think he enjoyed it. He had a lot of fun watching his cousins. They really entertained him! I miss that. Now it’s up to Ryan and I to entertain Kender, and we are pretty boring most of the time. Today I gave him a wooden spoon and a cake pan and he was good for about 30 minutes… I need to come up with more ideas like that!

Colt has quite a bit more hair than Kender, and Kender was fascinated by it. He kept trying to grab Colt’s head, but Colt was a good sport about it.
Kender’s first snowmobile ride. He’s actually been three times, but the first two times I was pregnant, so I guess that doesn’t really count.
We forgot to bring eye protection for Kender, so we had to put some goggles on him. I’m not sure what he thought of them, but he sure looked cute!
This picture was taken just before Ryan and I handed Kender off to Melissa to sled down the hill. He was fine until he watched us speed away. Then he panicked and started crying. Poor little guy!
One of the many moments where I wonder what Kender is thinking… It can’t be good.

Kender and his cousin Colt are two weeks apart. They are so adorable! They play together really well. They even took a bath together at the cabin!

Bath time went great until Colt fell backwards, then he pulled the towel out from under Kender (getting him back for all the times Kender had picked on him) and Kender fell backwards. Then Colt fell forwards. Both boys were crying, so bath time ended. Then Lucas jumped in fully clothed! Wish I had a picture of that! Our family is blessed with cute little boys.
Santa cat! Roxy is such a good sport.

Peas in a pod 🙂

An attempt at a family picture… Our arms just aren’t long enough. We need to teach Roxy how to use a camera.
Kender and Colt were both trying to crawl while we were at the cabin. I think they both made a lot of progress! I’m glad Kender could watch Colt and learn from him. Now he gets himself up on all fours all by himself!

Kender got some awesome gifts, but I think my favorite was his two front teeth! They broke through just before Christmas.


It’s hard to believe that its 2013! Ryan and I brought in the New Year (almost… we made it to 11) by eating homemade pizza, watching The Office, reading, talking guns, and drinking Dr. Pepper. All in all, it was a fun night. Happy 2013!

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