So Far in November

Here’s an update of what we’ve been up to from the end of October to now – ELECTION NIGHT!!! Go Romney  This is a nail biter! I was hoping for a landslide…After being sick, Kender continued to be fussy for a few days. We didn’t know why, and we did a bunch of research and tried different methods, but nothing seemed to work. He did fine at bedtime, but freaked out when we tried to put him down for a nap. It was very frustrating, and exhausting…

Last night it finally dawned on us… Every night before bed, Kender gets a bath, a bottle, and a story. Every. Single. Night. He knows exactly what to expect. Naptime is a different story… They usually happen whenever and however is convenient that day. We decided maybe we should try starting a naptime routine as well. And like magic, IT WORKED! Now before naps, Kender has quiet time with mommy. We read a book, I sing to him, and make shadow shapes for him with his projector on his ceiling. Then I give him his binky and blankey and he’s out! It’s been soooooooo nice. I hope it continues! Ok, now for the pictures: Click on them to see them bigger.

Here’s Kender in his jumperoo thingamabob. He figured out how to actually jump! Now he loves it even more!

Well, it’s 9pm and Romney is still in the lead! Let’s hope he wins it!


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